The lights, the cameras, the action: The big stage sure didn’t look too fun.

The young Milwaukee Brewers, making their first trip to play the New York Yankees, got ripped to shreds, 12-2, in a game that could preview a potential World Series matchup.

On a list of things the Brewers certainly did not want to do (besides get embarrassed) was have to dig deep into the bullpen. Starter Zack Greinke, a pitcher with a history vs. the Yankees, got lit up by the Yankees from the start. His line went only 2.0 innings, 7 earned runs ad 3 walks. The scoring decisions didn’t go in his favor, as a slip in the outfield by Nyjer Morgan and an errant missed-tag by Casey McGehee weren’t ruled as errors, yet kept him in the early innings longer than he should have. Everyone else besides LaTroy Hawkins gave up at least 1 run in relief.

The Brewers didn’t fail terribly at the plate. They collected their share of hits, but they looked lazy through most of the game. Milwaukee appeared to be stunned by the magnitude of the game they were in. They’ve been to New York before, but the Mets are nothing like the Yankees. The last time the Crew came to play the Yankees was when they were in the AL in 1997.

Despite the fact that some of the young Brewers are getting their first taste of real fame, things will have to change for tomorrow. Reality sets in, you’re ready to play baseball. Shaun Marcum starts tomorrow as they hope to regain form.



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