This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From HBO Shows.

Ashley Jones (True Blood)

With Wally still out of town, the Daybreak Doppler gets its final guest star. Luckily they saved the worst for last. Plenty of thanks to Chris and John for setting up the fun before me, hopefully I can live up to the lofty expectations.

Since the Brewers had a day off, there isn’t much to report besides the importance of them getting some rest. That is unless of course you count a flurry of roster moves as a matter of importance. Having to use a designated hitter for 6 games convinced Doug Melvin to bring on some new firepower. As the opposite of firepower, Bernie’s Crew talks about the dropoff of Casey McGehee .

There is no shortage of discussion about the Badgers’ acquisition of transfer QB Russell Wilson. Bucky’s 5 th Quarter has the run down on Coach Bret Bielema’s initial comments. Pocket Doppler did an interview a few months ago with former Minnesota Gophers’ cornerback Kyle Theret , and he knew all too well the difficulties of defending a scrambling quarterback in the Big Ten. Now the Badgers’ have that position to their advantage.

While some websites are still talking about the Bucks’ draft day success, a report comes out involving Senator Kohl borrowing a significant amount of money from the league. If this is how a team 1-year removed from a playoff appearance is doing financially, how serious is it for other small market teams?

Football news? Umm, well the lockout is still going on. But you already knew that. How about the fact that some magical mystery injury forced Terrell Owens to have knee surgery?

I couldn’t find too many other websites beyond ESPN to talk about the big day of upsets at Wimbledon . Sure, Wimbledon has an official website too, but ESPN is just shorter to type.


There is a wonderful age range for the writers at Pocket Doppler, so hopefully there is something here for everyone .

Speaking of things from a few people’s childhoods, the Labyrinth turns 25 .

Even though this one is baseball, it is down here because it’s a bit freakier .

How many of you never spoke to a friend again because of these games ?

If you don’t follow TheOnion on twitter, there are plenty of great fake stories you’ll miss. Here’s an oldie but a goodie


Battle in the Bronx – So that phrase is probably overused, but the significance of the Brewers’ series in New York can’t be stressed enough. If the Crew has enough success to carry them to the World Series, they could very well face the Darth Fader of MLB, the Yankees. Brewer fans will want to pay extra attention to Thursday’s game as the Brewers face their old teammate CC Sabathia for the first time.


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