This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From HBO Shows.

Amanda Seyfried (Big Love)

Greetings loyal Daybreak Doppler readers. With Wally out of the office, he looked far and wide for a adequate replacement.  None could be secured, so he asked me to fill in and start your week off right.

Of course, the big story of the weekend was the Brewers breaking out the brooms at Miller Park and sweeping the Twins out of town.  Tony Plush was rightfully fired up on the subsequent FSN postgame interview yesterday .  Prince, Braun, and the starting pitching came up huge this weekend.  Since this is Milwaukee’s alleged ‘natural’ rival, Pocket Doppler has spared no expense to bring complete coverage of the series.  BrewCrewBall has all three recaps here:  Game 1 , Game 2 , and Game 3 .

Usually we don’t like to link our own stuff around here, but seeing as how I’m running things, I will run this ship aground as I see fit.  Brian also has his 250 Words or Less Recaps for Game 1 , Game 2 , and Game 3 .

It was a rare Saturday night for Carlos Gomez.  He seems to love playing his former team, and appears to love showing some unnecessary flamboyance while he does it.

Also on Saturday, the Brewers clubhouse was full of top Chinese female athletes . has video of the event .  Of course, legendary hound dog Corey Hart was front and center …..

Finally, the Brewers have an off day on Monday and they will also have a new teammate as the team optioned Mark DiFelice to AAA after Sunday’s game.  Will it be Zach Braddock?  Taylor Green? Mat Gamel?


I am contractually obligated to discuss other sports today, so…

The strike is still on and nobody knows for sure what is going to happen, or if anything is going to happen.  Until then, we get to read fluff pieces like the one the official Packers site did on Mike Trgovac , the Packers D-Line coach (h/t Cheesehead TV).

The Buffalo Bills have new uniforms in case there is a season, or in case anyone cares.

National Football Post has a summary of what else is going on in the NFL.

In Bucks news, Beno Udrih was thought to be a throw in piece when he was traded to the team, who now claims he is a playmaker ?

Jimmy Butler and his mom were on CNN to discuss his incredible journey to the NBA.

The college football version of the bachelor, Russell Wilson , is down to two suitors in Wisconsin and Auburn.

The NHL had a draft and some big Soccer game was played in LA.  That’s all you get from me on those sports.


Definitely not your average plane crash story .  This story is tremendous on its own, but deserves mentioning even more because the kid that survived, a second time, is a Michigan basketball recruit.

I fill in for one day and they find Bigfoot ?  I suppose we should hold off celebrating until the DNA evidence is confirmed.

Just in case there is a Sunny fan who doesn’t know that Mac gained 50 lbs for this upcoming season, here is a picture to prove it.

Chicks in hot Star Trek outfits ?  I guess.

Sweden is full of hot chicks , but also is full of lunatics .

Lunatics also abound for the TSA in the USA .

Being a bachelor had finally gotten to him and he willingly gave up the fight.

5 reasons why the IPhone5 will dominate .

Since it is supposed to be warm, like an actual summer, this week, The Summer’s Hottest Bikini Bodies .

No Brewer fan should have to watch a series in the Bronx without having a breakdown of the New York Yankees wives and girlfriends .


SWEEP! Somehow the Brewers now have a three game lead in the division.  The team seems to have a great deal of confidence and momentum going into the critical upcoming road trip in New York and Minnesota. This road trip offers the chance to come together as a team, yet at the same time, separate themselves from their competition in the division.  I am very optimistic about the chances of a winning road trip.

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  • Chris

    After reading about/seeing Jorge Posada’s wife, I am not sure why he ever cared where he batted in the NYY line up.