I don’t know why it hadn’t hit me more fiercely until now, but suddenly I realized that Packer fans are usually in the full swing of discussing/analyzing/arguing the merits of this player and that player, talking OTA’s and usually getting peeved at Nagler for something he wrote. (Sorry, Aaron, but it’s true. Or maybe I’m confusing you with Alex. ;) )

No doubt I’ve been pining for the lockout to end as much as anyone.

But then I saw the downside.

We’ve gotten to celebrate this Super Bowl win for almost five months. And it’s a different kind of celebration.

We’re frozen in time. Nothing has changed.

There’s been no major cuts of personnel (major to me anyway). Cullen Jenkins could still, in the current world, come back, because no one else has been signed, nor has he signed with anyone else.

Daryn Colledge gets to hang out (and I get to see him, how fun, as I did the other night) and his baby got to be born in Boise, ID instead of Green Bay, WI, as I suppose she might have been if there was no lockout. We got to greet Camryn’s birth with shouts of joy for another Packer fan entering the world. She may never see her Dad in a Packers uniform.

Korey Hall, Atari Bigby and Nick Barnett, all of whom among others could be gone, are still Packers right now. Free agency could change dramatically how our team looks, but even if the CBA doesn’t change that part of the offseason, obviously we’re going to have guys I’ve come to adore leave.

We’ve gotten to bask in the joy of being a fan of the World Champions without seriously having to face what the next season brings. What if the Packers have a rough season? What if this is the YAFSBW? (Year After Favre’s Super Bowl Win.) Slap me if you wish, but you can’t tell me it hasn’t crossed your mind too.

I, for one, have been able to enjoy this championship and forget all too easily what comes next for far longer than usual. I’ve always been one to get emotionally attached to certain players. Korey and Daryn, understandably, are particularly dear to me and I would hate to see them go.

And, the lockout ending means QB1 will retreat into Twitter silence, very soon. He won’t be issuing his pointers/rules surrounding when to put on the belt anymore. Thankfully we have his brother Luke to regularly supply the wit that is apparently a Rodgers’ signature personality trait. But I’ll still miss him.

So when the lockout ends I’ll be happy – I can finally buy my game tickets for St. Louis and concretely look forward to meeting so many of the people I’m dying to meet. I’m still working on talking people into coming who haven’t already committed. You may not know who you are, but you will soon.

But when the lockout ends, we’ve had that lightening bolt that generated 1.21 gigawatts. It’s “Back To The Future.” Here’s hoping that future turns out as well as Marty McFly’s.


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