I came across this  question posted in the post game comments section related to the Brewers 4-3 over the Twins last night. It’s a question/comment I see offered frequently by fans of teams playing Milwaukee. Lots of fat jokes and outdated takes about Prince’s girth. I’ve been responding to these jabs via Twitter, but I took the long-form route today when replying to “JasonCG” who, apparently, lives in Forest Lake, MN:

Prince appears to be trimmer this year than in the recent past, possibly eating more celery now to gain more salary in a few months. Having observed nearly every Brewers game this season, I can tell you that he also seems more agile and athletic this season, although he has always moved well for a guy his size.

That aside, I think it is important to note that Prince has lost weight from his teen years when (reportedly) he was pushing three bills. It is possible that given his genetic pool, he is at or near the best shape he can be in.

Whether or not that genetic disposition will hurt him at the bargaining table this winter remains to be seen. But someone will pay him Serious Jack regardless of his body type, and that very likely will be someone other than Milwaukee. Of course, this could be something of a blessing for the Brewers because the chances of Prince performing at his present level or near it for the length of the seven or eight year deal he will probably sign are slim, something Prince will almost certainly never be. And that makes him a risk and a luxury a franchise like Milwaukee cannot afford.

Be that as it may, I am one Brewers fan who will miss the guy. He’s been good for the team, both on and off the field.

Another peeve of mine is the incessant and out-of-date statements about the Twins payroll. Fact is, the  Twins payroll is the ninth largest in MLB this year, $27MM larger than Milwaukee’s (the Crew is ranked 16th). Moreover, the Twins opening day payroll was  significantly larger than the Brewers in 2010 , too. While that hasn’t always been the case, for some reason people (and I am looking at  you , Mike Heller & Company on WTSO’s afternoon show) keep holding on to what was true two years ago even though it is no longer the case.