This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Summer TV Shows.

Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds)

Wally is off in Maine, perhaps engaged in some Serious Lobstering or, at least, Seriously Monstered, so he has put Mr. Richards in front of this class of unruly youngsters. Now boys and girls, please face the front, pay attention, stop ogling Mrs. Botwin , and learn about the wheeling and dealing of one Trader John Hammonds

The word on the Bucks picking Harris at 19 was mixed , reaction to the selection of Badger Jon Leuer was better .

While Leuer was the first Badger cager drafted since 2007, Marquette notched first-rounders in each of the past two years when Jimmy Butler went at the end of Round One .

Anonymous Eagle isn’t the only place pumped about Butler’s selection; Cracked Sidewalks was feeling the pride , too.

As the Bucks were making trades and adding young players to their roster, the Brewers were having their first day off in three weeks. But there was no such rest for Rubie Q and Noah over at Brew Crew Ball — they were busy debating the job being done by skipper Ron Roenicke.

I know Nyjer Morgan wore out his welcome in PIT (and probably in DC) but as Alex at  Disciples of Uecker notes , it is hard not to like the guy.

Meanwhile, no DD is complete without something about the Packers, and Michael Rodney reveals that Darnell Docket is not a Noble Laureate while simultaneously pointing out that BJ Raji is good at football.

I always figured that Clay Matthews III was a pretty nice OLB, but now that it’s in the New York Times I guess it’s official.

Other essentials to get you to your weekend:

And, finally, because the substitute teacher in standing upfront, here’s 2.5 minutes of genius from one of the sub’s all-time favorite TV shows,  The Wire.


Match-Up Of The Weekend – Tonight is the first game of the Brewers’ weekend series against the Giants and also very possibly one of the best pitching match-ups so far this season. The Giants will trot out Tim Lincecum to the mound while Shaun Marcum will be toeing the rubber for the ‘Crew. Marcum has just been phenomenal this season for the Brewers (and my fantasy team), sitting on 6 wins with a 2.36 ERA and 62 K’s. Lincecum hasn’t been too shabby either, with a 2.06 ERA & 78 strikeouts so far. This has all the making of that Carpenter vs Gallardo game a couple of years ago, although I’m not sure Marcum will be knocking out a HR to score the only run of the game like Gallardo did.

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  • BigSnakeMan

    I knew declining Wally’s request was the right call.

    Well done, Chris.

    • Chris

      From one Don Friday devotee to another, allow me to say, “Thanks, cager.”

      • BigSnakeMan

        I’ll see you at the charity stripe.

        • foundinidaho

          See, you made the rest of us look bad. ;)

  • BrewTownBoozer

    Good Job. I hope to entertain, shock, and disgust everyone on Monday morning.

    • Chris

      There’s the potential to be disgusted? Sign me up, Cowboy. I’m there!