This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Summer TV Shows.

Malin Akerman (Childeren’s Hospital)

So much for the series against the Rays, as the Brewers dropped the rubber match yesterday afternoon. Should you feel like reliving it, check out Brian’s recap here .

Maybe listening to Bernie’s Crew podcast will cheer you up, with an interview with Brewers prospect Mitch Conner .

The 2011 NBA Draft is tonight and Brew Hoop has your Bucks Prospects and Rumor Roundup .

The Sports Bank has one final NBA Mock Draft for review .

Packer Update is ranking the best of the worst Packers .

Wisconsin Badgers Sports fan on how the 2012 Badgers Football recruiting class is looking good.

Cracked Sidewalks puts for the question, Marquette a top NBA factory?

Taking a look at Baseball’s Biggest Suprises as Summer Begins .

Whew, glad some one’s doing something about this: Buffalo Wild Wings To Save NFL Season With Facebook Petition, Free Chicken Wings .

Should be ‘Most Americans Actually Seem to Follow’, 11 Driving Rules That Americans Actually Seem to Follow .

These are all solid: Inspirational Graduation Speeches .

Game of Thrones on HBO I think has set the new standard here for this ‘genre’, although I will say the LOTR Trilogy was pretty close as well.  Let’s see how these 15 upcoming movies based on books compare .

Played Risk over Christmas & I couldn’t tell you how many deals I made just to turn around and break them because I wanted Kamchatka:  Top 10 Board Games (For Ruining Friendships) .

The only good to come out of Twilight The 20 Hottest Photos of Ashley Greene .

So let’s see… – Twins this weekend and then Yankees in the Bronx…so, 2 wins here if the pattern holds against AL teams?  I thought for sure the Brewers would have taken the series yesterday but obviously that didn’t happen & looking forward I’m not too optimistic about these next two.  We’ll see how it pans out here, but I can’t wait to get back National League play. On the bright side, at least I got to listen to Uecker & Provus while at work yesterday afternoon.

Programming Notes – By the time you’ll be reading this I will most likely be on a plane headed to Maine.  Have no fear though as we have made arrangements so the Daybreak Doppler will be making its appearance in my absence in the more than capable hands of Brian H, BrewTownBoozer & Chris (Thanks guys!).  The Thursday Q & A will be taking a hiatus though for the next couple weeks as between this trip and then the July 4th Holiday pickings & time will be a little slim.  So I’ll bid you all adieu for now, have a great next couple days and weekend and see you back here on Wednesday when I get back…unless the guys have decided they don’t want me back.

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