Welcome home Milwaukee Brewers!

The Brewers returned home from a disappointing road trip and had an even more disappointing start to a short home series, losing to the AL Tampa Bay Rays 8-4.

The bad news: Brewers’ starter Chris Narveson had another one of his rough innings, this time blowing up in the 7th. The good news: Milwaukee forced Tampa Bay to run through a big chunk of their bullpen early in the 3 game series.

It might not be fair to put this squarely on Narveson; the rest of the Brewers put up very little effort until the end of the game. Casey McGehee, not much of a textbook defensive player, tacked on an error to help extend an inning for Narveson. Beyond that play, the bats were cold for most of the evening, finally gaining some steam late on. It just wasn’t enough as newly-recalled Mark DiFelice gave up a nice 2-out, 3-run home run to the Rays in the 8th, and the hole was dug too deep at that point.

Milwaukee didn’t have much motivation for this one, not even with the fireworks in the 6th. Nyjer Morgan took a pitch in the upper back, but the home plate umpire determined that Morgan leaned into the pitch. Once Morgan struck out, there was plenty of rage coming from the Brewers’ bullpen, enough to get manager Ron Roenicke and hitting coach Dale Sveum ejected. They didn’t like the strike zone, and it clearly didn’t work well for the Brewers’ offense.

The series tomorrow continues with Zack Greinke. The Brewers really need to just throw out the playbook and come out refocusing on the basics. They are clearly off-track and nothing like the team that jumped to 1st place last month.



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