Happy Father’s Day to all you current, former and future Dads.

The Milwaukee Brewers dropped a dud to the Boston Red Sox 12-3, and looked nothing like the team they were supposed to be coming in.

While a few national writers might stand by their prediction of a Brewers / Red Sox World Series, Milwaukee would have to hope for home-field advantage if their team in its current state were to make it that far.

For the second time in the 3 game series, the Brewers’ starting pitcher got roughed up in the first inning. This time it all fell upon Yovani Gallardo, who had very little command at all. He took 95 pitches into the start of the 4th inning, surrendering 8 runs, 5 total earned. The Brewers would have had to tough time fighting back to that, but Sergio Mitre and Mark DiFelice both allowed a few more runs in relief, further putting the game out of reach.

What was the problem on the other side of the ball? Besides two home runs, a solo shot by Prince Fielder and a 2-run by Nyjer Morgan, the Brewers had no answer whatsoever for the ageless (44 years, if you are counting) Tim Wakefield. 4 hits against the Red Sox is what it is. It’s not always easy to win against the best on the road, and the Brewers shouldn’t downplay the 1 win they got. But they are going to want to put this out of their minds fast.

Chris Narveson will make the start for the Brewers tomorrow as they welcome the Tampa Bay Rays to Miller Park for the first time.



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