Seeing as Father’s Day is this weekend, this week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women with Notable Fathers.

Rashida Jones (Quincy Jones)

Back to baseball for this week’s Thursday Q & A as we talk to Andy from The Brewer Nation

Almost like a West Coast game with the delayed start, but for those who stayed up it was worth it a the Brewers beat the Cubs 9-5 .

The Brewers Bar on how the Unusual Braddock Situation Takes Another Turn .

Disciples of Uecker is making a Case for Taylor Green .

Wisconsin Sports Tap on the late inning relief options for the Brewers .

ACME Packing Company asks Are The Owners and Players Ready To Make A Deal?

Big 10 Rant Wisconsin with Then and Now (2 of 2): A look back at the careers of key members of Wisconsin’s 2010 football team .

From Bucksketball, Deafening Silence: The Milwaukee Bucks Summer of 2011 .

It’s like a Wedding Crashers jackpoint, Interesting: The Bridesmaids At Tony Romo’s Wedding Were Quite Attractive .

Presented without comment… 5 Steps to Murdering Your Legacy: By Lebron Raymone James .

If any of our male readers sport any of these fashions, you should be ashamed of yourself, 10 Awful Fashion Trends For Men .

Speaking of style… Travel style tips from The Hangover 2 .

You have no idea how many Ward Cleaver jokes I had to deal with growing up, The Best TV Dads Through the Decades .

Man, what I would’ve gave for invisibility powers back in Middle School… The Top Ten Superpowers That Every Man Wants .

A personal fav, all the way back to the Buffy days, The 20 Hottest Photos of Eliza Dushku .

Chance For A Split – Last nights late win for the ‘Crew allows for a chance at a split with the Cubs in this 4 game series. Looks like once again Loe made a little things interesting in the 8th inning although but nothing close to the damage the night before from the bullpen.  We have an afternoon game to look forward to today before the Brewers head East for a date with The Green Monster over the weekend.

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