Seeing as Father’s Day is this weekend, this week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women with Notable Fathers.

Paris Hilton (Richard Hilton)

Not the result we were looking for last night as the Brewers lost 1-0 to the Cubs .

Jim at Bernies Crew says that Mismanagement Hurts Brewers Chances Against Cubs .

The Bucky Channel wants to know May We Now End The Kameron Loe Experiment .

Brew Hoop has Part 2 of What Does “Best Player Available” Really Mean To The Milwaukee Bucks?

Packer Update says Driver not quite a Hall of Famer .

Here’s some good news, Badgers land four-star offensive tackle .

In case you missed it yesterday: Toon speaks to reporter about Wilson visit, commits minor NCAA recruiting violation .

Delving into MLB realignment and why it makes sense .

In honor of Father’s Day, of course, 6 Pro Athletes With The Most Illegitimate Children .

Dr. Leo Spaceman always cracks me up on 30 Rock , The Most Incompetent TV Doctors .

These are just pretty awesome, Backyards that make Disneyland look retarded .

For those looking for love online, Will She Look Like Her Profile Pic?

I love people trying to be sincere and just coming off worse than before, 11 dumbest celebrity apologies ever made .

Of course I’m posting this: 10 New Photos of Candice Swanepoel in Victoria’s Secret .

Can’t Win Them All – After a euphoric weekend of Brewers baseball, sweeping the Cardinals and moving into first in the NL Central you really almost had to be expecting last night.  A flat offensive game against Ryan Dempster who seems to own the Brewers bats, some questionable pitcher management in the late innings and just uninspiring play overall.  On the bright side Randy Wolf had a solid line and hey, the Brewers are still in first place, although it’s a tie.  Time for a rebound tonight as Gallardo hits the mound, looking for his 9th win.

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