This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women in Summer Movies.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Transformers Dark of the Moon)

As exciting as the night before was, last night was just as uninspiring as the Brewers dropped the game and series to the Mets 4-1 .

Discipled of Uecker touches on Kameron Loe’s Lefty Problems .

View from Bernie’s Chalet says Everything Is Going Smooth, But…

Jersey Al continues his 2010 Packers Yearbook Awards, the topic this time being Player Most Likely to Win a Competitive Eating Contest .

Assuming there is a season, Sporting News Already Has Packers Repeating .

Packer Update looking at the competition at tight end for the Packers this year. asks What does “Best Player Available” really mean to the Milwaukee Bucks?

Like hearing this, Jordan Taylor earns Team USA tryout .

Love hearing this: While Ohio State takes another blow, Wisconsin appears to be front-runner in Wilson sweepstakes .

Speaking of Ohio State, Redesigned Ohio State Buckeyes Helmet .

From Midwest Sports Fan, More hugs and high fives = more wins .

Ummmm…yeah, Cleveland Man Arrested For Terrorizing Families In Trailer Park, Says He Is A Werewolf And The Moon Caused Him To Go Crazy .

Speaking of going to jail, A Peek Inside The World Of Prison Personal Ads .

In case your interested in entering Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest this 4th of July, Six Tips for Succeeding in Competitive Eating .

These are pretty awesome, More Awesome Behind the Scenes Star Wars Photos .

You know what we can never have enough of?  Brazilian super models, here’s another one, Monica Apor .

Bound To Happen – The Brewers were bound to lay an egg eventually in Miller Park and we saw it this series against the Mets.  Out of these two home series before hitting the road again, I’d rather get a win vs the Cardinals coming in this weekend vs the Mets.  The one thing to hope for is that the flat bats, minus Braun & Fielder, that we saw this past series don’t continue into the weekend. On highlight for those at the game was seeing Packers QB Aaron Rodgers throw out the first pitch, of course to behind the plate was Ryan Braun. Rogers also visited both the FSN booth & sat with Uecker and Provus as well.  Jason Wilde has a nice recap of those discussions in case you missed either one.

Another week done folks, one in which one day felt like mid-August and the next like mid-October, have to love Wisconsin weather, eh?  Thanks for hanging around this week, have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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Featured image photo credit: Scott Paulus/Brewers.


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  • BigSnakeMan

    “Love hearing this: While Ohio State takes another blow, Wisconsin appears to be front-runner in Wilson sweepstakes.”

    I’m getting Alan Evridge flashbacks. I’m sure Paul Chryst can find a way to utilize Wilson’s talents but as a QB he doesn’t really seem to fit their system, plus he’s going to have to get acclimated in a relatively short time. Doesn’t bode well for his (or their) chances.