This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women in Summer Movies.

Blake Lively (Green Lantern)

Well, that was exciting as Down four in the eighth inning, Brewers come back to beat Mets 7-6 .

Jim at Bernie’s Crew is Throwin’ Up the T .

Disciples of Uecker has a Tony Plush Desktop Background if you want one.

The Brewers Bar has your Tony Plush post-game comments .

Over on CHTV Brian has a Point of Veau: Time Running Out On Player-Organized Workouts .

Packer Update says that all champs need a little luck .

Big Ten Rant Wisconsin takes A look back at the careers of key members of Wisconsin’s 2010 football team .

Cracked Sidewalks has some news for you Marquette fans: Welcome Jake Thomas – Buzz gets his shooter with a schollie left .

I’m totally going over this with the Pee-Wee baseball team I coach, Beginning Baseball: Discovering the Art of Baseball Trash Talk .

MacGuyver could do anything, 11 Most Absurd Inventions Created By MacGyver .

Ladies, any truth to this list of the 6 best unexpected spots to meet women ?

Axl Rose in a bar fight?  I can see that.  Shia LeBeouf? Not so much. 13 Celebs Who’ve Gotten In Bar Fights .

If you’ve got some time today: The 50 Best Sci-Fi Movies .

The 20 Hottest Photos of Anna Kournikova , that is all.

Panache and Power – Prince provided the power last night and Nyjer Morgan Tony Plush provided the panache.  Can’t imagine anyone felt good about things after that 8th inning and no matter what Roenicke says why he was left in there is beyond me, unless Roenicke was just conceding defeat.  Seems to me that Ron has a soft spot for Kameron.  No matter, the heroics were yet to come first Prince with his second of the night and then Morgan in the 9th.  A satisfying, although perhaps frustrating, win to force the rubber match tonight..

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