This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women in Summer Movies.

Paula Patton (Jumping the Broom)

Little bitter sweet for some as fan favorite Chris Capuano returned last night to Miller Park and pitched well, helping the Mets beat the Brewers 2-1 .

Maybe you remember this one from Monday night down in Florida, Interpreting The Nyjer Morgan/John Buck Play .

Bernie’s Crew has an update for you on Day 2 of MLB Draft .

Balls, Brats & Beer on why the 2011 Brewers are different then their predecssors .

Not surprising here, ESPN Power Rankings Name Lambeau Field NFL’s Toughest Venue .

Looking at the Top 3 Crowded Packer Positions .

Badger Blitz looks at Badgers O-Lineman Josh Oglesby .

There’s only 5? 5 Reasons to Kill the BCS .

Gonna get drilled and drilled hard in the Bigs: Bryce Harper Homered, Admired His Feat, Then Blew a Kiss to the Pitcher .

A little shopping help, 8 Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Won’t Completely Hate .

As much as I support teachers & think it’s a much tougher job that some belive, these people are idiots: 10 dumb teachers who failed the school year .

Now this is getting a little carried away: The FaceBook Friends Tattoo Sleeve .

I don’t find it hard to belive that a pissed off employee invented the concept of Easter Eggs, 6 Glitches That Accidentally Invented Modern Gaming .

Trying to be topical here: 25 SFW Photos of Ginger Lee, Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Porn Star Lady Friend .

Protecting the Lead – Tonight is the first game of the Brewers’ weekend series against the Giants and also very possibly one of the best pitching match-ups so far this season. The Giants will trot out Tim Lincecum to the mound while Shaun Marcum will be toeing the rubber for the ‘Crew. Marcum has just been phenomenal this season for the Brewers (and my fantasy team), sitting on 6 wins with a 2.36 ERA and 62 K’s. Lincecum hasn’t been too shabby either, with a 2.06 ERA & 78 strikeouts so far. This has all the making of that Carpenter vs Gallardo game a couple of years ago, although I’m not sure Marcum will be knocking out a HR to score the only run of the game like Gallardo did.

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