We all recognize this lockout has got to end soon. Kids, we’re down to Wilde tweeting about his daughter knocking on the bathroom door while he’s in it for heaven’s sake. ( Oh, wait, he’d do that anyway. Never mind. Note: I’m KIDDING. I don’t mind when he tweets about the girls.) I almost got interested in the NBA finals and the Cal Softball team. This is very, very wrong.

The newest example was kind of the kicker, to me, of what the stupidity of the lockout has become – because it would never have come up as a topic of conversation if there was no lockout.

Don’t get me wrong, though the Packers are my favorite team, I do have other players (or ex-players) around the league who have gained my affection. Tedy Bruschi is one of those. Coming back to football like he did after a stroke, of all things, is a wonderful show of character and determination. He’s nice looking and well spoken. And, usually, I have a great deal of respect for his analysis and opinion. Even if he played for the Patriots.

Not right now.

Tedy. Shut. Up.

I do not believe you ever had to come off a Super Bowl win during any type of work stoppage. I do not believe that you know if your quarterback, i.e. Tommy Bieber, would have organized anything official. You know, Gisele keeps him hopping.

You might have, sure, you were obviously another leader on the team. But do you know for sure how big of a turnout there would be? The Packers’ offensive line had a workout. A good turnout? Yes, I think so, but Daryn Colledge didn’t go, because he has a very pregnant wife and also a football camp scheduled in Idaho. And beers at Old Chicago that I keep missing. Dammit.

As others have pointed out, though these are team building opportunities, they are also (to my admittedly limited knowledge) really not any more effective than someone working out and practicing his skills as he can with those available. (Judas and his local high school football team, anyone? Much as we hated hearing about it ad infinitum, it worked for quite a while.) Indeed, the chance of being hurt in these sessions is real as in any practice, and apparently there’s some question as to whether the players would be covered by worker’s compensation benefits since there’s…well, you know…that stupid lockout.

In a regular season, with a set OTA schedule, and Mikey Mac being the Clark W. Griswold of NFL coaches that he is, things would be very, very different. There would have already been official workouts, instruction and playbook discussion. Quarterback camp would be a reality. As it is, Mike is just missing his guys .

The majority of these guys are working as hard as they can at staying in shape. Some of them are getting together and working out. Some of them are having t he police keep the press away from them. (Sound familiar, Tedy? That whole Patriot paranoia thing….oh and P.S. Mike, you’re great, but leave Homeboy alone, he’s a good guy.)

Tedy, shut it. Leave Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver alone. They know what the hell they’re doing as well as anyone can in this mess. After all, they won a Super Bowl. Just like you. How would you like someone telling you what to do in a situation like this?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now shush.


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  • Jeremy

    Nah, don’t shut up. Keep running your mouth, Teddy. It’ll only add motivation for #12.

  • Ceallaigh

    Just realized I posted something similar. Hey, I even checked PD to make sure no one was actively posting, that Boozer had his column out yesterday. Wow, we really do share a brain. That is rather scary. ANyhow, completely agree with you. The fact that we think so much a like is actually pretty amusing. Sorry to post right on your heels. Honestly, I checked twitter and here before I logged on to post!!

  • Ceallaigh

    …right down to the exact Gisele joke. Did Wally know he got a package deal with the two of us?

  • foundinidaho

    Haha! Jeremy, you have a good point.

    Kelly, the nice thing is with the new webpage, we both get exposure on it. And yours is longer than mine and therefore better. :) I have a feeling Wally just shakes his head at us sometimes.

  • Elaine

    Hey, if the players can keep themselves in shape while training at their respective offseason facilities and risk less injury there than in player organized workouts, I’d rather have that. They’ll all be getting together next week for the ring ceremony anyway. :)

  • foundinidaho

    Elaine – it could be QB1 is waiting until then to organize the troops. If he decides to. Now that Tedy opened his mouth, he probably never will.

  • Anita

    The only thing I am concerned about is Flynn and Harrell missing QB school. ESPECIALLY Harrell. That’s it. I have no worries that CM3 is doing that psycho workout he did last year and Hawk has been seen working out at OSU. Hell, considering the deep shit that program is in right now, having the defensive captain of the Super Bowl Champions working out is probably a boost in Columbus.

    QB1′s ego is definitely going to bank what Tedy said. He’s also NOT going to call the troops just because a talking head told him to. He’s stubborn like that (in a good way for us).