This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women in Summer Movies.

Penélope Cruz (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

For a time I never thought I would be posting a link that says this: Brewers Complete Four Game Sweep With 7-2 Win Over Marlins .

Also last night was MLB Draft where the Brewers had two picks in the first round, grabbing pitchers Taylor Jungmann & Jed Bradley .

A Girl’s View asks What’s your batting song?

CHTV has a Q&A With Rookie Cornerback Davon House .

Packer report says Packers kicker Mason Crosby’s better than average .

BrewHoop touches on Andrew Bogut returning to practice and the raw talents of Jan Vesely and Bismack Biyombo .

Cracked Sidewalks presents Travels with Charley:  In Search of Marquette America .

Of course Prince makes this list, Today’s Biggest Baseball Players, Literally….

Ahhh…the good ole days, Lou Gehrig Drinking a Beer and Smoking a Cig in the Yankees Dugout Circa 1936 .

The Chick & The Duck are of course by far the best here, The 10 Best Minor Friends Characters Of All Time .

OK, The Baobab Tree Bar seems pretty friggin cool but not so much the Coffin Bar or Vampire Cafe, The World’s Weirdest, Most WTF Bars .

Zach Morris?  Really? Collaring Up TV’s Best Con Men (And Women!) .

From what I hear, the only valid reason to go see Hangover II, The 20 Hottest Photos of Jamie Chung .

Good Recovery – When the Brewers started this road trip against Cincinnati you sort of had that all too familiar feeling…they’ll get a couple wins out of this roadie but most likely drop both series.  Lo and behold, after the Reds did what the Reds do to the Brewers the ‘Crew headed south, got a day off on the beach and sweep the Marlins in a 4 game set.  Is this perhaps a turning point for the road woes the ‘Crew has been experiencing or just an aberration?  Yet to be determined but at the very least it’s a glimmer of hope that maybe we’ll start seeing the Brewers notch wins away from Miller Park in more regular fashion.

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