This week’s guest shouldn’t be a stranger to anyone out there, Packers’ Tight End Tom Crabtree.  We’ll get Tom’s take on what it was like to catch his first professional touchdown in a playoff game, the Super Bowl experience and more in this edition of the Thursday Q & A.

You went from being an undrafted free agent to catching a pass in the Super Bowl. How have you gotten to this point and now that you’re here what continues to drive you?

My work ethic and my pride in what I display on the field have gotten me to this point. I’m such a competitive person by nature and that is what drives me day to day. I always make sure I’m outworking my opponents. I never forget the hard work that got me to where I am now.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, what is the experience like from a player’s perspective?

It was a crazy week at times but our coaching staff did a great job of keeping us all focused on the final goal. I had a great time that week just taking in the whole experience.  From media day all the way up to the after party, it was an amazing week. They talk about all the distractions and how important experience is; but it’s still a football game once you step on the field.

Your first career TD happened in the playoff game at Philadelphia this past year.  While I’m sure your first professional TD is something to remember no matter, was there any extra ‘oh yeah’ that it happened during a playoff game?

It definitely made the TD that much more special being in a playoff game. In the playoffs everybody is watching and the intensity goes up a notch. So, to score my first NFL TD with so much on the line and in that hostile atmosphere was very special.

Sometimes it seems that you’re utilized so differently than a player like Jermichael Finley that it almost doesn’t seem like you play the same position. How can you both be called “tight ends” when your roles are so different?

That’s what is so cool about the TE position. We can do it all. Block, run, catch and play anywhere on special teams. There isn’t one mold that a TE comes from.

What is one area of the game that you think you excel the most in, either in your position or as a football player in general.

I think I have this reputation for excelling as a blocker, but I’m also just as confident in my abilities as a receiver.

What is one area of the game you personally want to improve in?

I want to improve in all areas as a tight end and special teams guy. I think the day I become happy and comfortable with who I am as a player would be the day I retire.

It’s hard to talk about football without talking about the lockout situation. What’s the most frustrating thing for you personally in dealing with the current state of affairs?

It’s frustrating not being able to get the coaching I need as a young player in this league. I’m missing valuable time on the field and in the film room with my position coach, OC and special teams coaches. On top of that, we don’t have access to our amazing facilities that help get our bodies ready for a long and brutal season.

What have you been doing to stay busy & active during the NFL lockout, you know, besides working out at the House of Speed?

I’ve actually started to enjoy working around the house and yard. I stay busy putting toys together for my son. My wife and I also like taking walks with our son and dogs. And of course I play video games from time to time.

What advice would you give to younger players out there as it relates to getting to the pro level and perhaps more specifically those that go undrafted?

I would say be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not; on or off the field. Come to work every day with confidence but be ready to take the coaching and criticism.

You are one of the most active Packers players on Twitter, especially when it comes to interacting with your followers and fans. What is it about your personality, you as a person, which compels you to be so accessible?

I’m very outgoing. I love meeting and helping others. My family might say I’ve always tried to be the center of attention since I was young. OK, they would definitely say that, but it’s just because I love hearing what others have to say.

…and now for the lightening round.

Your all-time favorite professional athlete is:

Michael Jordan

Your favorite sports blog to read is:

Any Packers related blog!

Favorite thing about Green Bay that has absolutely nothing to do with football:

The small town atmosphere. It reminds me of my hometown at times.

If you weren’t a professional football player, you would be:


Should I ever run into you at a local establishment here in Green Bay, I should buy you a _____________ for taking the time to answer these questions.


Thanks to Tom for joining us this week.  If you’re not already, you can follow Tom on twitter at @TCrabtree83 and here’s hoping we see him (and the rest of the Packers) on a football field some time in the near future.

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