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Whew – I don’t about the rest of you, but I don’t think I could have stomached another loss to the Reds last night.  Especially so with Greinke on the mound and although Zach didn’t have his best stuff he was able to hold the Reds to 2 and offense did the rest.  Seems appropriate that yesterday BrewTownBoozer featured Jonathan Lucroy in his Simple Kind of Fan piece as Lucroy hit his 6th HR of the year to match Hart’s 5th HR which gave the Brewers the lead in the 3rd, something they didn’t relinquish after.  So there’s a chance tonight for a series win against the Reds, is it too much to hope for?  Marcum will be taking the hill and if he can shake off that last outing & return to his previous production, I like the ‘Crews chances.

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    And he’s in Kung Fu Panda 2! Not a good article for Jack Black.