This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women is Commercials.

Andrea Bogart (AT&T U-verse “Hey Marcel” comercial)

Yep… Back on the Road, Back in the Loss Column .

Kyle asks What’s The Opposite Of A Road Warrior?

Jack from Disciples of Uecker has a Power Ranking Comment: Center Field Platoon Provides Production, Flexibility .

From, The Green Bay Packers and the 2011 Salary Cap: What Ted Thompson Might be Thinking . on Putting Your Country Before Your Team .

A NFC North Division Roundup from ACME Packing Company.

Total Packers with Things That Don’t Happen Often As Important As Those That Do .

Aaron with a programming note on The NFL At CHTV .

Big Ten Rant Wisconsin with some Thoughts on Tressel’s resignation at OSU and what it means for Wisconsin .

Um…yeah, PBS Website Hacked, Declares Tupac And Biggie Still Alive .

I don’t know about quesadillas, but the rest of these make sense: 7 dishes every guy should know how to cook .

Everything you ever wanted to know about each one of our lovely states’ most paranoid wackos, The 50 State Conspiracy Road Trip .

Have to respect the Poles after this last one, The 6 Most Badass Weapons Ever Improvised in Battle .

Yeah, couldn’t have done without a couple of these Five Unfortunately Detailed Entries from the Celebrity Nudity Database .

Really the only thing the Bleacher Report does well, The 50 Best Sports Hottie Bikini Bodies .

Figuring  It Out – The Reds are a good team so losing to them in their park is no great shame, but at some point soon this season the Brewers will need to sort out not only how to beat the Reds but more importantly play better on the road.  We’re all aware of the Brewers great home record, last I checked it was leading the NL, but home wins alone are not going to get these team into October. There’s 5 games left on this roadie, here’s hoping something can be turn around sooner rather than later.

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