By now, you’ve most likely noted some changes around here.  Initially, I didn’t intend on redoing the whole site, was rather just planning on revamping the Daybreak Doppler presentation but one thing led to another and here we are.  I’ve received quite a few compliments over the past 24 hours on the new look, to which I say thank you very much, but if you really want to thank the person responsible for this thank the one & only Princess of the Pigskin and Thur Q & A Alum, Holly Phelps.

During my ‘guest appearance’ on Cheesehead Radio last year, I recall Holly mentioning she couldn’t go to Pocket Doppler while she was at work because ‘There was a photo of Kristin Cavallari in a bikini front and center’. Of course Holly was referring to that day’s ‘Daybreak Doppler Dame’. At the time we were a pretty young blog so while I understood what she was saying, I was so desperate for exposure that showing photos of exposed women was the least of my concerns.  That being said, my intent for Pocket Doppler was never to become or turn into a site like Uncoached or CO-ED, where you go for the pics of women first and the content second.  The problem was that the Daybreak Doppler piece was a big part of the growth of Pocket Doppler and a big part of the Daybreak Doppler was the tradition started by Dan Walsh with The Daily Drink of posting a photo of an attractive woman along with a daily link dump of Wisconsin sports & other inane links. I was kind of trapped by my own invention.

A lot’s happened in the time between that interview & today.  Since that interview, the ‘PD Family’ has grown with the additions of some great people who are contributing some wonderful content.  The past couple weeks it’s been bothering me more and more that the content these folks are writing may not be getting the exposure it should be. Let’s face it, a lot of personal blog reading is done while at work and do you want to go a site while at work that’s got a photo of some actress or model  wearing less then you do when you visit the doctor?  Doesn’t matter if you’re coming to the site to read something else when the first thing to greet you is a photo of Kate Upton in lingerie. Not to mention our growing female readership (and authors) who I am suspecting don’t see the appeal of the Daybreak Doppler Dames that the guys do. With our new look & layout, we can now give more exposure to everyone’s work, without the possible alienation of those that don’t like to see scantily clad women greeting them first thing on a website.

The Daybreak Doppler piece will always feature its Daybreak Doppler Dame of the day, I’m not about to ruin the vehicle that got us here.  The ‘DDD’ just won’t be the first thing to greet you when you visit the site, for better or worse depending on your inclination. Also, when viewing the Daybreak Doppler, you can click on the photo to see a larger version, should you wish to do such a thing. As always, thanks for reading and while I said it this morning, I’ll say it again…Have a great Memorial Day weekend, hopefully it’s an extended one for everyone.