This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Miller Lite Commercials .

A Rachel Specter (‘Me or Buster’) sort of morning

The Thursday Q & A is back today with Drew Smith, Sports Director for WLUK here in Green Bay, will be posted around 1:30 this afternoon.

An afternoon affair at Miller Park yesterday as the Brewers make it six in a row, beat Nationals 6-4 .

Disciples of Uecker on why Tuesday’s Brewers victory shows that Milwaukee can contend .

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Nothing like a protest signs which prove you’re an idot, Protesting: You’re doing it wrong .

Ariadne Artiles is a name to remember , yes it is.

Afternoon Delight – Yesterday afternoon we got to listen (unless you were at the game of course) to the Brewers get game 3 from the Nationals and their third consecutive sweep of the season.  Also a little payback from when the Nats swept them in D.C. earlier this year. Zach Greinke still seems something of an enigma though.  Solid for 3 innings and then gives up 3 in the fourth.   Trenni Kusinerek said it best on Twitter , “I’m perplexed by how Greinke can lose it for three straight batters and then look like a world beater in the next breath”. Of course Zach helped himself out the next inning through by jacking one out of the park and giving the lead back to the Brewers.  No matter, we’ll take the win and an off day today to rest up for San Francisco, which should be a good test for the resurgent Brewers..

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