This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Miller Lite Commercials .

A Meghan Markle (Man Up ‘Skinny Jeans’) sort of morning.

Hart’s hot night elicits this from The Bucky Channel: Let’s All Make Sunglasses at Night References .

Kyle from BCB has his recap here, Corey Hart Hits Three Home Runs, Brewers Beat Nationals 11-3 For Seventh Straight Home Win .

Asking the question, Do the Packers Have the Best Cornerback Trio in the League?

The Packer Update wants to know Where does Jennings really rank?

Some Wisconsin hoops news, Guard from Jon Leuer’s high school to walk on at Wisconsin .

Presenting the Brew Hoop Draft Board .

Mike from shares his The Top Venues in Sports .

Umm…no thanks, I’m Thinking About Living With These “Unique” Roommates Off Craigslist .

Sick of your job?  Here you go, 10 Ways To Get Fired Right Now .

I love when people dissect Angry Birds, 11 Angry Birds Characters That Make Me the Angriest .

Gotta get one of these: Talking Dalek Alarm Clock .

“Geek” used to mean “Sideshow Freak”? Not much of a stretch I guess… 9 Words You’ve Used Today With Bizarre Criminal Origins .

What I find amazing here is not that these all used to be legal, but actually how long they’ve all been around, Top 10 Drugs That Used to Be Legal .

Thank you Esquire, Genevieve Morton Puts Her Body, Apartment on Display for Esquire .

Back to Form – It was nice to see Hart’s first HR of the year.  If you were like me you may have thought to yourself “It’s about time/good for him”.  Then in the 5th, when Corey hit his second HR you perhaps thought, “Wow, he’s making up for lost time”.  Then in the 8th when the 3rd ball of the night left the park courtesy of Hart’s bat maybe you echoed my reaction “…”, because I was speechless.  If you’re going to break out of a slump that is sure one way to do it, 3 dingers and  7 RBIs. Big picture, the Brewers also maintained their winning ways notching 7 in a row at home & now 2 above .500.  Is this the start of the vaunted turn around we’ve all been waiting for?  It may be too early to say yes or no but it has to have you feeling a little better about this team.

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