This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From TV Shows I’ve Never Seen.

An Aly Michalka (Hellcats) sort of morning.

Not the way I’m sure they wanted to end this road trip, Brewers lose at the very end, 1-0 .

The Brewers Bar says Walk Yuni & Lose .

Brewers Mix is looking to cheer you up with Optimism Should Exist, Despite Question Marks .

Zach at All Green Bay Packers and 12 Green Bay Packers With Something to Prove in 2011 .

ACME Packing Company asking a question alot will be asking, Will The Packers Keep Jermichael Finley Past 2011?

Good read from, Hole On Packers Defensive Line – It’s All Relative .

A potpourri of topics from Gov. Scott Walker opposes extending stadium tax, Chicago pre-draft camp kicks off, Jimmer Fredette and Alec Burks talk Bucks .

I’m posting this link for Colleen, Is Colin Kaepernick the future at QB for the 49ers?

Cuz chicks dig the long ball: The Top 5 Bomb-Dropping Home Run Hitters Today .

I always pictured Vader as more of a string person myself, Darth Vader does Salsa on his trombone .

How can anyone turn down Pacino or De Niro? The Roles Eight Major Actors Got Dissed On .

So are you or aren’t you an alpha male? Top 10 Signs You’re Not An Alpha Male .

You didn’t think I would go the whole week without at least one mention to this, did you? 50 Reasons Why The World Is Definitely Ending On Saturday .

And on the other end of the spectrum, 10 Most Famous Doomsday Prophecies That Failed .

Definitely worth knowing now: Ginta Lapina is a Victoria’s Secret model you may not know .

Back To Normal…ish – I started out the week whining about West Coast Brewers games so I might as well finish it with saying how glad I am this one is over, preferably on my deck with a cold one enjoying a nice Spring evening.  Overall, going to 2-2 on this roadtrip is what most were expecting (if not hoping for) so we’ll take it. Let’s hope the team got some sleep on the plane home after extra innings last night as the Brewers start a weekend series with the Rockies at Miller Park.

Thanks for hanging around this week, enjoy what would appear to be looking like a pretty nice weekend weather-wise here in Wisconsin and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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