This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From TV Shows I’ve Never Seen.

A Dania Ramirez (The Sopranos & Entrourage) sort of morning.

Hey, look at that, a Brewers win on the road, beating the Padres 5-2 last night.

Rather topical question from The Bucky Channel, How Late Will You Stay Up For Your Brewers?

A Girl’s View asks Technically, isn’t homeplate scoring position?

I would call this good news, Woodson Has No Plans To Retire .

ACME Packing Company on Jason La Confora’s look back at the signing of Reggie White .

Some more UW news as BYU and Wisconsin closing in on three-game series .

The Sports Bank’s Quarter Season All-MLB Team .

No surprise here, Jerry Jones Thinks Fans Are A Bunch Of Idiots Who Will Believe Anything He Says .

The best thing to come out of Paul Ryan’s mouth ever, Even Congress Hates Jay Cutler .

I may very well have everyone of these in my inbox right now, The 7 Emails You’re Ignoring in Your Inbox .

Only thing missing here is the evolution of the s’more: Your Camping Equipment’s Fascinating History .

All great characters, The Seven Best Television Anti-Heroes .

X-Men actually about civil rights? That one is at least plausible, 8 Awesome Alternative Movie Interpretations .

Not sure why anyone would even thinking of making this list…but it works: The 50 Hottest Women Wearing the Hottest Sneakers .

Back on Track Next Week – Another Thursday, another missed Q & A. When I first started doing the Thursday Q & A’s I thought there was no way I would ever run out of people to talk to…well, that’s mostly true but it actually just got tougher to find them and then ‘book’ them as it were.  It started to become like, you know, work. On top of that that last 3 weeks have more than hectic in the space I reside in that isn’t virtual so unfortunately the Thursday Q & A has been the item to suffer because of this.  I had thought about shelving the whole thing (and still may at some point) but from the feedback I’ve received there are literally dozens of people who enjoy reading them so starting next week the Thursday Q & A will return. For now though, enjoy your Thursday afternoon off.  Maybe go take a nap or something.

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