This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From TV Shows I’ve Never Seen.

A Taylor Cole (The Event) sort of morning.

This sums it up nicely: Offense Remains MIA On Road As Brewers Lose 3-0 To Dodgers .

Jaymes from The Brewers Bar on Carlos Gomez Becoming an Elite CFer .

Max reports that Charles Woodson’s Collarbone “Feels Fine” .

Packer Update is looking way ahead with this piece on future Packers GM candidates .

PackerNet says Forget the Lockout… What is your favorite Packer moment ever?

UW will have one less RB this year as Zach Brown to leave Badgers, transfer elsewhere .

In UW Hoops news, Wisconsin to play at UNC in 2011 Big Ten/ACC Challenge .

There’s actually a couple of these 9 Unbelievable Sports Curses I hadn’t heard of.

Hey now, Utility Man is the most important position on my Fantasy Baseball Team, The 7 Most Condescending Sports Euphemisms .

May God have mercy on our souls, Lady Gaga Joins Forces With Farmville To Create ‘Gagaville’ .

I’m happy to say I adhere to all of these: 11 Ages When Men are Too Old For Certain Fashion Choices .

This is just great, Han And Leia: Worst Couple Ever .

A website of real “hello” messages and chat transcripts from dating sites, it’s hours of fun: .

I know I posted a Kate Upton link yesterday here, but I can’t possibly not post this one .

Collective Sigh – I’m sort of shied away from this whole NFL Lockout deal we’ve all been hearing so much about, but it’s hard to ignore.  It’s especially hard to ignore when you have Twitter open all day & it unfortunately hogs up half of your timeline. Whether it’s  Kelly offering gifts to Roger Goodell or Aaron being a little more rational , you really can’t get away from it.  I learned a long time ago to try and not let things upset me that I can’t control.  For the most part I’m successful, and so far as it relates to the lockout I’ve been successful in keeping a ho-hum attitude about it, hoping it plays out & we have football come September.  I mean, beyond that what can we really do?  No matter how much righteous indignation you can muster right now for either side, let’s be honest here, as soon as the first game rolls along you’ll be glued to the TV just as I will and this will hopefully all be a vague memory we can laugh about…sort of like the memories I have of passing out in college and waking up covered in marker courtesy of my roommates.

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