This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From TV Shows I’ve Never Seen.

A Brittany Snow (Harry’s Law) sort of morning.

On the first game of this quick road trip, the Brewers Beat Dodgers 2-1 To Pick Up Rare Road Win .

Brewed Sports on The MLB Blackout Policy .

From Miller Park Drunk, 4 Things for the Brewers to avoid on their 4 game road trip .

*sigh*… 8th Circuit Court Upholds Stay On Appeal; League Makes New Offer .

Brady from GPN with Potholes II: Who Will Wear the “G” .

Yeah, let’s just put this one to bed right away, Peter King On Nnamdi Asomugha To The Packers .

Sounds like a different sort of player than his brother, Jason Bohannon’s little brother will walk on at Wisconsin .

Bucksketball on Herb Kohl’s legacy as Bucks owner .

Brat Man’s Blog shares his 6 favorite position players in baseball history and some others I might compare them to.

I’ll still sit through this whole movie when ever I see it one, 10 Reasons We Love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off .

Some help as whether or not you should remove your social network account .

Supposedly the end of the world is coming up, so here are these  21 Doomsday Prophecies that Fizzled .

I don’t how many of these are actually real, but it would be cool if they were, 30 more USB drives I want .

Been awhile so don’t want anyone to go into Kate Upton withdrawal: The 20 Hottest Photos of Kate Upton .

Yeah, I’m Old, I already know that – I dread West Coast Brewers’ games as much as I look forward to the East Coast games. I’m not going to even pretend I’ll stay up for these, hell, depending on my day and the night before I may not even catch a pitch. Luckily there aren’t all that many so in the grand scheme of things it all works out. In typical fashion though, it would appear I missed a pitching gem from Shawn Marcum last night, even more important to me as he’s on my Fantasy Team. The excitement of the acquisition of Marcum was short lived due to the next move the Brewers made by obtaining Greinke, but so far this young season Marcum has been the true ace of the pitching staff.

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