It’s a weekend of pinch hitters as I step up to the plate to recap this afternoon’s Brewers action.  We got to see the Brewers win, Prince’s 201st homerun, Braun’s first HR of May, Brandon Boggs’ first HR as a Brewer, a nifty 4-6-3 double play and seeing Ryan Doumit get hit in the nuts about 5 times if you were watching the FSN Broadcast. Chris Narveson was solid through 6, getting out of some trouble in that inning and then the game opened up as the ‘Crew hung 5 runs on the Pirates although one of those may be debatable as it looked like Hart was out at the plate but called safe. Don’t think we’ll complain too much about that.

Minus the HR that Mitch Stetter gave up in the 8th all in all a pretty solid performance for the ‘Crew as they take down the Pirates 8-2. Looking forward to tomorrow the Brewers have an opportunity to get the season’s first sweep of the year with Greinke making his second start at Miller Park which I am sure will be to capacity. Also, just because, I think I’ll add a component to the 250 or less recaps and add a PD250 Player of the Game. So tonight’s recipient is Prince Fielder for breaking the deadlock in the 4th. Think someone else is more deserving?  Let me know in the comments.


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  • BigSnakeMan

    I think the PD250 POG should go to the plate umpire for giving the Brewers a major gift by calling Hart safe at home in the 7th. Game was still in doubt at that point and that play excused some horrible baserunning by Hart in that entire sequence.

    In fact, I think this entire crew deserves some kind of award for their incredible display of ineptitude this weekend.

  • Chris

    I give the POG to Boggs, mainly because anyone in CF other than Carlos Gomez is a dramatic improvement. The fact that he popped his second homer as a Brewer(he has now homered in both of his starts for the team…hmmm) and walked twice gave them something that Gomez almost never does. I was floored when RR said BB wouldn’t be getting the start today.

    And, by the way, BSM is spot on: The non-call on Hart was a gift: The play happened right in front of us and it wasn’t even that close. I suspect Hart got the call because Home Plate Ump “Wild” Ed Hickox was in a snit about the antics of Pirates’ Skipper Clint Hurdle who had been repeatedly challenging calls and had just gotten himself run. The safe call on Hart was, in my estimation, an Enormous Middle Finger to the PIT dugout (and to Hurdle in particular).