This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is May Birthdays.

A Kelly Monaco sort of morning.

Zach Greinke’s home debut didn’t disappoint as the Brewers Improve To 9-5 At Home With 4-3 Win Over Padres .

The Bucky Channel has more on the game, Greinke Enjoys a Miller Park Welcome .

There was also an unlikely hero last night & The Brewers Bar is  Giving Yuni Credit for a Save .

Aaron at CHTV things the NFL Owners Would Make Nixon Proud .

Been hearing this from multiple places, Was Davon House A Steal In The Fourth Round?

BrewHoop on the NBA All-Defense teams announced, Andrew Bogut snubbed again .

John McEnroe is referenced in Jump Around? 11 Popular Pop Songs That Name-Check Athletes .

Glad that’s cleared up, LeBron James Meant ‘Retarded’ As In ‘Unintelligent,’ Not ‘Retarded’ ‘Retarded’ .

This happens to me every morning, Why Does the Shower Curtain Always Try to Get Me?

Hmmm, kind of takes the fun out of these: Six Baffling Phenomena that Have Simple Medical Explanations .

We’ve all experienced a movie that fell victim to one of these 5 Signs A Movie Is Guaranteed to Bomb .

I hope I was never this dumb: Shit My Students Write .

Introducing Busty British Bombshell Billie Faiers

Didn’t Disappoint – Zach Greinke pitched how we expected him to but it was Yuni Betancourt that stole the show with his backhanded, gloved lob to Rickie Weeks late in the game which notched a 6-4-3 double play.  That play right there helped squash a Padres rally, giving Greinke a win in his Miller Park Debut.  Let’s see what BrewTownBoozer has to say about that play in Yuni Watch today. All in all, I think we’ll all take the win and hopefully keep looking forward to more this series..

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