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A Beatriz Recari sort of morning.

Our Thursday Q & A will be up around 1:30 with Brewers blogger Michelle from A Girl’s View.

Yeah…this about sums it up in regards to the Brewers double-header against the Braves yesterday: One big massive, defensive fail .

Jack at Disciples of Uecker says don’t worry, Zack Greinke Will Be Fine .

Jaymes thinks that both  Stetter and Green Wasting Roster Spots for the Brewers.

A question that has been surfacing a lot lately, Will Packers Put Cobb In Wildcat?

Here’s another one, Will the Packers Regret Not Drafting a Quarterback?

Wondering Where should Badgers rank after spring practice?

Alex does some sharing, I Don’t Know Much: Job Hunting .

I like looking at these because I know I’ll never play any of them: The Top 5 Golf Vacation Spots .

How many can you think of before looking at the list? The 12 Most Devoted Celebrity NBA Playoff Fans .

I was totally expecting to see @BrewCrewBabe ‘s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in this list of The 7 Most Impressively Lazy Employees of All-Time .

Who doesn’t have fond memories of this show? 23 Facts You Might Not Know about The Dukes of Hazzard .

I run across this issue every time I am lining up the DD Dames, 10 Images You Shouldn’t Search For On Google .

Also wondered where ‘Sting’ came from, 10 Celebrities Who Used Childhood Nicknames .

The 2011 Maxim Hot 100 List

U-G-L-Y : On a day that all Brewers fans have been looking forward to all Spring, the spotlight unfortunately shone brighter on the defensive woes of the team vs the team’s new ace. All in all just a disappointing day as we saw the Brewers drop both games and while it was great to see Greinke on the mound, he’s going to need some time to get back to full speed.  Looks like it’s time to play the old ‘It’s only May’ card right now as there’s nothing else to put out there.  Let’s just hope we’re not playing the ‘It’s only June’ card come next month..

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  • BigSnakeMan

    “A question that has been surfacing a lot lately, Will Packers Put Cobb In Wildcat?”

    This is positively stupid.

    The Wildcat is a gimmick scheme for offensively challenged teams that don’t have a quarterback, much less one of the best ones in the league. It would be asinine for the Packers to take their best player off the field under any circumstances barring an injury.