This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Fore!

A Bridget Dwyer sort of morning.

Things were humming along nicely for the ‘Crew last night until the 6th inning, when things derailed quickly Dropping To 5-10 On Road With 6-2 Loss To Braves .

Jack from Disciples of Uecker on Yovani Gallardo’s Struggles .

The Brewers Bar asks is  Carlos Gomez the Worst 2nd Hitter in NL?

Miller Park Drunk releases the Milwaukee Brewers terrorist watch list .

B5Q looks at Which Badgers ended up in the best situation in this past weekend’s NFL Draft.

One of those Badgers will be facing off against the Packers twice a year, so What Can the Green Bay Packers Expect When Facing Gabe Carimi?

Brew Hoops is playing Good Cop/Bad Cop: John Salmons Edition .

How is Crash Davis not in this list of the 9 Greatest Fictional Athletes .

This has to be rhetorical, right? Who Wouldn’t Enjoy Being The Meat In An Erin Andrews-Brooklyn Decker Sandwich?

I’m kind of hungry right now so these 16 Awesome Stadium Foods look pretty great , damn the consequences from eating them.

This was an inevitable, Top 50 Internet Reactions to Osama bin Laden’s Death .

And of course there’s this, Taiwanese Animation of Bin Laden’s Death is the Most Amazing Thing You’ve Ever Seen .

Pretty cool listing here, 13 houses used from movies I grew up with .

Who’s The Hottest Chick on Dancing With The Stars?… with photos to help you decide.

Flashbacks – Remember last year’s Brewers season when games would be going just fine…up until the 6th inning when it seemed that every pitcher on the staff would implode.  Obviously that didn’t happen every game but it happened enough to put fear into the hearts of Brewers fans when the 6th rolled around.  After 5 solid innings, things looked eerily similar as Yovani surrendered 4 runs in the 6th which ended his night but continued his struggles.  Let’s hope that last night was more aberration than norm, not only as it relates to the 6th inning but also Gallardo.

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  • Weasel

    Maybe they need to got out and get Dave Bush to get a quality start these days.