If this was last season, there might be reason to panic. Fortunately for the Milwaukee Brewers, the strength of their starting pitching can help cover for a few hurting parts.

Yovani Gallardo continued his struggling ways, only lasting through 5 innings as the Brewers dropped the first game of the road series against Atlanta 6-2. Gallardo pitched a complete game shutout on April 5th, but has since thrown a 9.00 ERA and 35 hits across 4 starts.

Braves’ pitcher Jair Jurrjens looked strong against the Brewers and left to an ovation. Milwaukee managed a sprinkling of offense but clearly not enough for an impact.

Milwaukee has Marco Estrada starting tomorrow. They’ll also be activating Nyjer Morgan from the DL and perhaps he’ll be available to help spark some extra offense. Carlos Gomez has been as stale as ever at the plate. He’s been .233 for the season and .182 in the last 6 games, and could use some time off.


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  • Chris

    I am now in full Alert Mode on YoGa. He’s gone through bad stretches before, but this is way too early in the season for him to be showing signs of fatigue. I know he said he lost the weight because he didn’t feel good last year, but I can’t imagine getting cuffed around feels any better.

    I have never been a fan of CarGo, so my desire to have him platoon with Tony Plush is probably not going to surprise anyone. In any case, it’s time to make this happen.

  • http://www.MilwaukeeBrianSports.com Brian

    It might not be the case this time, but how often does a player struggle for a stretch of time, maintain the position that they feel healthy, yet still end up on the 15-day DL eventually because of some ailment? Perhaps that’s the case with Gallardo. We might just have to wait and see how that plays out.

    As for CarGo, it’s time for Ron Roenicke to stop being so “Ken Macha stubborn” and take Gomez out of that 2 spot. Is Hart still not 100% enough to slide in between Weeks and Braun? Hart couldn’t do too worse at this point.