This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is UFC Octagon Girls.

A Brittney Palmer sort of morning.

For the second year in a row, Ted Thompson chose a Tackle in the NFL Draft, Derek Sherrod from Mississippi State.  All Green Bay Packers gives you the skinny on the newest Packer .

The Bucky Channel says Welcome to Green Bay, Derek Sherrod .

Brian at CHTV has the transcript from Sherrod’s Q & A from the NFL Combine .

ACME Packing Company gives the Packers an A- Grade for the Sherrod pick .

As for Badgers in the draft, J.J. Watt went to the Texans at 11 and Gabe Carimi to the (blech) Bears at 29 .

Jordan from Brew Crew Ball on the health of Brewers RP LaTroy Hawkins .

The Brewers were off yesterday, but start a 10 game road trip tonight in Houston.

James spent the Brewers off day with musings on the Brewers’ plate discipline .

Brew Hoop says that Bucks GM Hammond still likes Maggette and Redd and Darington Hobson is on comeback trail .

9 Greatest Steals in NFL Draft History , who will make this list from this year?

Glad to see my major make this list, The 20 Most Useless College Degrees .

Seven Annoying Statements You Hear From Every Waiter …and yet they all keep saying them.

On the heels of the whole iPhone/iPad tracking where you’ve been deal, The 11 Biggest Apple Conspiracies .

Some of these are humorous, most are dumb, as in what the hell were you thinking dumb: 11 Photos of Poorly Phrased Advertisements .

Candice, Alessandra, and Adriana posed for more pictures …and there was much rejoicing.

Bookends of the Future – Let’s admit that to most of us, an offensive lineman isn’t a sexy pick.  Let’s also admit that the sexiest option isn’t always the best option which is exactly what Ted Thompson did last night with his selection. Thompson rightfully picked the best player for the team’s primary long-term need, which is protecting QB Aaron Rodgers. While Chad Clifton played lights out last year, he is getting a little long in the tooth. With Derek Sherrod in the fold, along with last year’s #1 pick Bryan Bulaga, the security of the most important player on the Packers roster has been addressed for the foreseeable future.

Later this afternoon, around 1:00pm (or 1300 to our European or military folks), we’ll have our Friday Fan of the Week unveiled and while on the topic, why haven’t you submitted your entry yet?  Yes, you right there in front of the monitor…just click right here and get it done with.  It’s Friday, not like you want to be working anyway & your chance for Internet immortality for something you’re proud of & not that Facebook photo of you in college after you passed out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend of draft & Brewers watching and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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