Sadly, Brian couldn’t be here tonight.  In a cruel twist of fate to the readers, he left me here to watch the store.  That essentially means there will be beer cans and pizza boxes everywhere for him to pick up tomorrow.

As for tonight, the Houston pitching was no match for a high octane Milwaukee offense working in conjunction with a horrid Astros defense.  Hence, the Brewers easily doubled up the Astros 14-7 in front of an energized Miller Park crowd, who were also celebrating an unofficial Ryan Braun Day.

The high leverage point of the game was the bottom of the 5 th inning.  Trailing 5-4, Houston was charged with two official errors that led to two Brewer runs.  In reality, there were three errors and two other misplayed balls in the inning.  The Brewers kept applying pressure by tacking on four more runs in the 6 th .  If it had been a title fight, the referee would have stepped in and waved off the Astros.

Individually, Gomez, Braun, McGehee, and Kotsay each had three hits.  Unfortunately, Gallardo struggled once again.  His final line was 6IP with 4 earned runs and 8 hits.  Yo consistently fell behind with his off speed pitches, which allowed hitters to sit and rip fastballs all evening.

Finally, Rickie Weeks looks to have sprained his left pinkie finger and was replaced by Craig Counsell in the 7 th inning.  It appears as if he will be OK and that Milwaukee has dodged another bullet.

The rematch is at 6:10 tomorrow night.


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  • Brian

    The 250 series is less than a week old and I’ve already been outdone. Bravo! We’ll call it even as long as you save some pizza, it’s always better the next day with a later on penicillin on top

  • shane

    This ought to sideline Weeks for a month. I’d say I told ya so, but you know I’m not THAT guy.

  • BigSnakeMan

    You must be confusing Weeks with Hart. If he’s not in tonight’s lineup, it’s only because Roenicke is being cautious.

  • BrewTownBoozer

    Sorry Shane, but a sprained pinkie isn’t keeping Weeks out of the lineup long. In fact, if it a choice between a pinkie or sitting, I think we will be calling him ’9 fingers Rickie’ in the future.