The job is wearing me out…the class I’m taking is kicking my butt. It is time to delve into something mindless, soothing, and invigorating. HAIKU!

The Brewers on soon
Who pitches? Who really cares
Braun and Fielder rule

The Draft is next week
I like Cam Newton…do you?
Not high on Locker

Spring is golf season
Been out twice, some good some bad
Terrible off tee

Fantasy baseball
Patience with Carl Crawford short
How much is he paid?

NBA Playoffs
Just can’t get into them yet
Bulls are looking good

Weather sure is bad
Snow in April…what the heck?
Good football weather

Badger spring game next
Jon Budmayr…we need you!
Please no turnovers

Like high def TV
Worth the money? Maybe so
Announcers look strange

Enjoy your Easter
Find those eggs, eat chocolate
Make family time

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    Haikus are my favorite kind of post – easy to write and fun to read.