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An Anastasia Ashley sort of morning.

Not sure if you heard, wasn’t much talk about it yesterday afternoon, but the Brewers Signed Ryan Braun to 5-year, $105 Million Extension .

The Bucky Channel says its Big Bucks for Braun .

Jim at Bernie’s Crew says the Braun Extension is About the Past and the Future .

Brew Crew Daily had some issues with the Braun extension .

From Miller Park Drunk (who else?), Local blogger mad that Ryan Braun will be a Milwaukee Brewer longer than his site will exist .

Not everyone was happy yesterday as A Girl’s View laments the loss of George Kottaras, And IIIIIIIIIIII-E-I will always love youuuuuuuuuu!

ACME Packign Company wonders If Michael Vick Received a Second Chance, Should  Johnny Jolly?

Bucksketball welcomes a new contributor with Positional Reviews starting with Guards, Part One & Part Two .

Wisconsin didn’t make this list of If State License Plate Slogans Were About Sports .

Can you image Mel Gibson as the Terminator?  Yeah, didn’t think so, 9 actors who turned down memorable movie roles .

Me too, I’d Love to Get Arrested by these TV Cops .

The story behind everyone’s favorite celebration,  The History of The High Five

This is why I prefer the term ‘geek’, Nerds Ruin Everything .

Something to help you choose a libation this weekend, The Best and Worst Beers in America .

This is for Walsh: The 66 Sexiest Alison Brie Facebook Photos .

Nine More Years of Eight – So the big news yesterday…well, really the only news yesterday was that of the Brewers contract extension with Ryan Braun.  The extension is good for the team for obvious reasons but to me what really stands out is that Mark Attanasio is willing to put that kind of money into the team.  A lot has been said over the past couple days over speculation that Attanasio would be interested in buying the Dodgers, which of course would mean selling the Brewers.  The cynic may say that this contract extension was just done to take that heat off of Attanasio for now and he’ll never have to worry about paying Braun that long because he’ll have sold the team by then to buy the Dodgers.  I’m going to take the opposite stance on this one say that this contract extension only confirms what most fans think of our current owner, he’s committed to the Milwaukee, the fans and the long-term ability of the franchise to be competitive.

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