This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Pro Surfers.

An Erica Hosseini sort of morning.

The Brewers continued the series in Philly last night, getting the win over Roy Halladay & the Phillies .

As Bernie’s Crew says, It’s Baseball , afterall.

Miller Park Drunk presents a Super Bob Uecker Picture Slideshow .

Brew Crew daily with a Cause for Concern: John Axford .

Look what else came out last night, the Green Bay Packers 2011 Schedule .

ACME Packing Company says the Packers Regular Season Schedule Ranked 13th Toughest in NFL .

I don’t find this that surprising actually, More people go to Bucks games than watch them on TV .

The Brewers aren’t in this list, but I would like to think nothing would have changed if they had been, If Locals Got To Name Their MLB Teams .

Why would we want this to end? Top 10 Reasons To End the War Between The Yankees and The Red Sox .

I ready to move into any of these Fifteen Really Cool Houses In Movies .

Stuff You Should Know: Smoking a Cigar …I’ll one, a Swisher Sweet is not a cigar not matter what you may think.

These actually were somewhat interesting: 27 Interesting Charts About Sex And Dating .

I’m ashamed to say how much time I just sat on this site and refreshed the page, it was addicting: The Random Prescription Drug Side Effects Generator .

Adriana Lima’s new Victoria’s Secret pictures are nice .

Wasn’t Expecting That – Headed into this long road trip most people had penciled in series wins for the Brewers against the Pirates & Nationals and then most likely losing the series against the Phillies. Well, there will still be two series wins out of the trip, just flip flop the Nationals for the Phillies.  Going against the Phillies last night Randy Wolf was solid and the offense more so, putting up 9 in total for the night.  To think that the Brewers would come into Philadelphia and do this is somewhat perplexing after what we saw in D.C. over the weekend, but I don’t think anyone will complain about it.

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  • Jack

    Alright, alright. I read your pocket-doubler post. Now can you at least give me a response-comment once in a while when I comment on something or write on your wall? Granted, I’m a guy, and the majority of my comments are sarcastic and may even be lame, but I have feelings too, ya know. ;-)

    • Wally

      I was too busy shovelling/snow blowing this morning & then getting late to work. ;-)