This week’s fan of the week is Andrew ‘Andy Man’ Belonger from Appleton.  Andy gets the nod this week based mostly on the adorable photo of him and his daughter from Halloween last year & he’s also a Milwaukee Brewers fan.

Name: Andrew Belonger

Current City/Town, State: Appleton, WI

Occupation: Programmer

Twitter Name: theandyman

Favorite Wisconsin Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite Wisconsin Sports Athlete: Leroy Butler

If you had three hours to spend with the above athelete, what would you do?: Always been my favorite Packer; it’d be fun to talk to him about what was going through his head as he unknowingly invented the best TD celebration ever :)

Wants to talk to Leroy Butler about the Lambeau Leap

Best Wisconsin Sports memory: Both Super Bowl championships (XXXI and XLV). XXXI was amazing because it was the first of my lifetime, but XLV was even more amazing because I got to celebrate with my own daughter (granted, she was only 3 at the time, but I know she enjoyed herself during our Super Bowl party and it will be fun to tell her that story when she is older)

Any special, unique or odd Game Day traditions/supersitions?: I always wear a jersey and a hat (same hat for the entire season, jersey usually changes based on how well we are doing). If the game is at our house that week, I always sit in the same chair. Can’t mess with the mojo :)

When not rooting for your favorite team, you’re most likely to be: If it’s not football season, it’s baseball season – so I am furiously cheering for my other favorite team: the Milwaukee Brewers :) Otherwise I like to watch most other sports, as well as read sports blogs and play sports. Can you tell I like sports?

Anything else you want to share?: I went as a “Packer fan” for Halloween (the picture is of my daughter and I) – I think going as a Packer fan helped their mojo this year, so it might become an annual thing ;)

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  • Robert Greenfield

    Nicely done. I LOVE Butler, and that is a great pic of you and your daughter, too.

  • foundinidaho

    Andy and Gracie are pretty darned cute.