This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Sports Movies.

An Amy Smart (Varsity Blues) sort of morning.

The final installment of our special Thursday Q & A’s with Local and Regional Athletes Training in Wisconsin for the NFL Draft will be up at 1:30.  Our guest this time is UW-Whitewater LB Lane Olson.

Brew Crew Ball has a recap of last night’s game, where the Brewers beat the Pirates 6-0 .

The Brewers Bar on how  Brewers’ Pitching Staff Missing Bats Early .

Brew Crew Daily has some thoughts on Randy Wolf’s Rough Start .

The Bucks finished up their season last night with a win against the Thunder .

Mike at GPN has a Recipe for a World Champion .

Anonymous Eagle has a new weekly feature, Brewtown Andy’s Family Feedbag .

I’d watch quite a few of these shows, If TLC Launched a Sports Channel .

Wow, can I ever relate to this: Area Man Already Tired Of Adjusting His Fantasy Baseball Roster .

Some of these are pretty good: 101 Unusual, Impressive And Illegal Pieces Of Defaced Currency .

I was actually a little surprised at a couple of the entries in this list of the Top 10 Sports That Get You Cut , I mean…ballet is now a sport?

40 Names Of Bands Before They Were Famous …yeah, I don’t see the Bee Gees as ‘The Rattlesnakes’.

Which one are you? The 5 Definitive Types Of Drunks .

The 9 Hottest Softball Players: Female Edition

Much Better – After a start we’d all rather forgot, the Brewers are now 6-5 and things are looking up. Last night Shaun Marcum pitched like the Marcum we were expecting and the Brewers offense was…well, the Brewers offense. Offense was never the problem with the Brewers, so seeing one of the new offseason acquisitions in Marcum living up to the billing is nice to see. Also nice to see last night was the return of catcher Jonathan Lucroy, who contributed with a double to start the scoring in the 6 th inning.  All in all, a solid game by a team we expected to be solid from the start.

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