State of the Bucks – A Weekly Review and Preview of the Milwaukee Bucks’ Previous and Upcoming Weeks

Last Week’s Results :

@ Miami, Won 90-85

@ Detroit, Lost 110-100

vs. Cleveland, Won 108-101

vs. Toronto, Won 93-86


While I like trying to be the optimist, there is no arguing against numbers: the Milwaukee Bucks are mathematically eliminated from the postseason.

Besides that letdown in Detroit, the Bucks had a solid week. It is garbage time for a lot of the NBA, the Bucks included, which makes it a shame that they waited until the end to look like their successful counterpart from last season. There is a lot to talk about for next season, and that will be coming in the next week.

Player of the Week:

This is a two-part POTW: Drew Gooden and Ersan Ilyasova. Both players missed plenty of time this season for various injuries, but with the season wrapping up, both have been given time on the court to end the year a bit more respectably. Gooden got his first career triple-double against Cleveland, and Ilyasova looked like a rookie with something to prove, battling with intensity against Toronto. Wherever they found their motivation, they need to write it down and remember it for next season.

Highlights of the Week:

Seeing Michael Redd play one final time on the Bradley Center floor (at least as a Buck; we’ll see if he plays somewhere next season) was a great end to the home part of the season.

All I can say about Redd is that he became a proud member of the Milwaukee community and always represented himself well. Other Bucks during the decade left the team (and the sport) because of drugs and alcohol or because they got fat and lazy. Redd was always a great representative for Milwaukee.

I don’t want to make the comparison talent-wise, but look at LeBron James’ situation in Cleveland (who, ironically, Redd could have left to play with). James was constantly stuck with a pathetic supporting cast. He led Cleveland to a 127-37 record in his last 2 seasons, and when he left you saw the true value of those teammates: 18-63 heading into their final game.

The same is true with Michael Redd: an NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist who had little or nothing to work with. Jason Caffey had problems with the law and hundreds of thousands in unpaid child support, while Anthony Mason bulked up way beyond his usual playing weight. How many Bucks fans can remember the names of Marcus Haislip, Zendon Hamilton, Marcus Fizer or David Noel?

Michael Redd still compiled some high-quality numbers during his time with the Bucks. The gap in the ceiling of the Bradley Center, where 7 former Bucks’ great have banners hanging, should be filled with Redd’s #22. While the success wasn’t always there, he was a man of great character and deserves the recognition.


This Week’s Games :

Wednesday April 13th, @ Oklahoma City

Final Thoughts:

Down to the final game of the year. There isn’t much left to do for the Bucks, who already shut down Andrew Bogut for the year. Bogut has since had surgery to clean up his injured elbow, and he’ll hope to be back full strength in the fall. The only thing they can do is play hard in their final game. Oklahoma City is still battling for playoff positioning, and could get between a 2-4 seed, depending on tiebreakers. They have a great young team in a small market, and the Bucks (and management) should pay attention while they close the season with their heads held high.



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