Well folks, I’m alive today. Well more so than I was on Monday at least.

Those of you who know me, probably thought that my dreamy dude for today would be my soon to be new kitty cat, because, let’s be honest, those eyes are dreamy. But seeing as I’m still currently a medical mystery, I figured some hot “I play a doctor on TV” eye candy might help make me all better. :)

So therefore, I present to you, Mr. Taye Diggs, currently practicing medicine in the Los Angeles area on Private Practice. Now, I don’t want the show, mostly because I’m usually doing Cheesehead Radio on Thursday nights, but Taye has always been a heart throb favorite of mine, from back when he appeared on Broadway in RENT, and was on Ally McBeal, and when he made brief appearances on Grey’s Anatomy. (no, I don’t go as far back as when Stella Got Her Groove Back because I don’t care about Stella).

But I’m getting off topic.

Here’s one gorgeous looking man.

  • Anita

    Ho yuss. I watch Private Practice. He appears shirtless quite often. Thank you, Shonda Rhimes!

  • Mark

    Maybe next time its Donald Faison or Zach Braff

  • foundinidaho

    Pretty good!

  • Ceallaigh

    Now how come NONE of the guys in my office look like this?


  • Ceallaigh

    OH the irony of this Dreamy Dude post. As a hideous contrast, the current Netflix ad above the beauteous Taye is one fat, bald and crazy John Travolta.