This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Sports Movies.

An Ashanti (Coach Carter) sort of morning.

Brewers Mix expounds on a few of baseball’s unwritten rules that may or may not work .

Kyle at Brew Crew all with A Quick Thought On “Aggressiveness” .

Miller Park Drunk on how Nyjer Morgan is eccentric .

The Bucky Channel is always up for some Packers news , but then aren’t we all.

Speaking of Packers news, yesterday the Packers Preseason Schedule Was Released .

In the category of trying to generate content in any way possible, Clay Matthews was ranked the 4th best linebacker by the ESPN football writers .

I think Colleen has some thoughts to share on this as well later today, but Brewed Sports also chimes in, John Steigerwald is a bigger moron than you think.

I wonder if the Timber Rattlers can do something like this: Dog-Riding Monkeys Herding Goats Is A Pretty Cool Minor League Promotion .

I don’t see how this went wrong… Professor suspended after featuring strippers in business ethics class .

11 Things You’d Actually See In the Women’s Locker Room If You Were Invisible , it ain’t all good by the way.

Even though I watch/watched a couple these, I can see how they ended up on this Top 10 Worst Successful TV Shows list.

My dream golf foursome includes Bill Murray, 50 Facts About Bill Murray .

This is taking lazy to a new level, That can be my next tweet!

The 20 Hottest Photos Of Miranda Kerr .

Extra Day Off – The Brewers got an extra day off yesterday with the rain out in Pittsburgh…so what do we talk about?  Above I mentioned how Bill Murray would be in my dream golf foursome so may as well fill that out. First the rules though, I think if you’re going to create a dream foursome you should be limited as to the types of people.  So I’m saying the limits are 1 living athlete, 1 living actor/actress/musician & 1 wild card.  Wild card can be a person of historical,

sentimental/familial significance, living or dead…it’s a dream foursome anyway so may as bend the rules all you want. So let’s see, I already have my actor category filled out so how about we go Hank Aaron as my athlete (so much for this happening at Augusta) and for my wild card I’m going to choose my Dad as I think he’d have as much fun as I would hanging out with Hank Aaron & Bill Murray. So who’s in your dream foursome?

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  • JB

    Dream foursome (playing a Pebble Beach):

    Bill Murray

    Aaron Rodgers

    Denise Milani in a bikini

  • foundinidaho

    You were peeking at my draft! Lol. ;)