I had a post all set up, edited and ready to go about how I have tried, yet just don’t totally get the whole draft craze thing. Oh, and the whole thing where I told you so . Actually I almost hit the “publish” button.

And then.

You may have heard of a fracas where some Dodgers fans felt they needed to unleash a can of whoop-ass on a rival Giants fan.

Via Twitter, this amazingly stupid, asshat, jerk, asshole “journalist” that couldn’t hold a true sportswiter’s coffee (can you tell I’m steamed up here?) wrote that Bryan Stow, a guy who it seems was just going to a baseball game; who pretty much literally had his brains beaten out the other night by some (stupid and not representative I hope) Dodger fans basically deserved it because….he was wearing a San Francisco Giants JERSEY. Which he should know OBVIOUSLY better than to do. Because he’s my age, and shit. Adding insult to injury, Dodger fans were “defending their turf.” ( I will note that he said in their sick, juvenile, minds, but read the whole article to get a real feel for where it’s going. It ain’t pretty.)


Hey, dumbass, let me tell you something. When the sports world is getting to where you can’t civilly go to a visiting stadium, in the visiting team’s jersey and have at least nothing worse thappen han hot coffee (Anita of our PocketDoppler staff) or a beer (Me and I think John Rehor, among others) being thrown at you (and insults, of course), which is bad enough, then the home team is obviously not caring about security or safety of those attending in any way shape or form and needs to have some sort of penalty or consequence come their way. My understanding is this fracas happened on premises.

I have been to a Packer game at Lambeau when someone wore a damn Vikings helmet with a piece of cheese speared on one horn. The. Whole. Game. Worst thing that happened to her? We tore up her Monday Night Football signs she kept holding up. In front of us, while play was going on. (Ahem, Packers were playing first MNF game at home in years…vs THE EAGLES. Seriously? Wait to get your Nordic on until later.)

I get that people get drunk, frustrated and are already (hello Vikings fans) a little addled. Especially when a real rivalry’s involved. Barbs will be tossed. Beer may be thrown. Tussles may occur. But basic human decency and respect for someone’s personal space who’s done nothing more than attend a baseball game in the garb of someone he/she admires is only to be expected, instead of permitting someone who is near you (whether security or not, you have a responsibility) to take out said frustrations so evilly as to almost (and perhaps really) end someone’s life. Wearing a jersey is representative of your pride as a fan. It doesn’t mean you’re childish (although some people who wear jerseys do act like children.)

Hell, Bears fans are more respectful than this.

Oh yeah, and in the spirit of full disclosure, if I had to pick a baseball team, I would pick the Giants. First pro baseball game I ever went to was in Candlestick. But I’m really not partial. Just disgusted.

Let’s get our shit together, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and Major League Baseball. This sort of treatment is NEVER deserved or truly invited. No matter what. To anyone, no matter what stupid things they say or imply.

Even if you’re this guy.


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  • Anita

    Unbelievable. That assclown actually blamed the victim. Unreal.

    I’m sure that the only fanbase that actually agrees with him is in Philadephia.

  • Steve Schumacher

    Nicely said, Colleen.

  • http://cheeseheadtv.com/lounge John Rehor

    Yes, i have had the luxury of having beer dumped on my head at Soldier Field.

    The fact he tried to blame the victim is so completely stupid it’s shocking. he should have his journalistic license revoked