Bare with me as I begin a reoccurring segment on the Brewers. I told BrewTownBoozer I’d be happy to pick up the small stuff that makes it past his articles:

Well, the Brewers game tonight in Pittsburgh has officially been rained out. Coupled with the day off yesterday, fans must be restless with the rare 2-day break. No date has been announced for the makeup, but in the meantime, the Brew Crew must wait another day to break through their road struggles. While it is still only April and they have only had 3 road games, “0-anything” is something they’ll want to move past right away. No team wants to be winless at anything, no matter how early in the season.

The Brewers and Pirates don’t share many off-days, with the first coming May 26th. If they don’t jam the rained-out game in before the Brewers leave town later this week, watch for them to add it on when Milwaukee returns to Pittsburgh in August.

Beyond that, I’ve always seen it a fair goal to break even on a road trip. Now that it is only 8 games, the Brewers will have to find a way to go 4-4 in their games against Pittsburgh, Washington and Philadelphia. A lot of national writers project the Phillies to represent the National League in the World Series, so it will be fun to see how the Brewers match up.


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