This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Sports Movies.

A Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler) sort of morning.

The Brewers may not have been playing, but they were still busy as  Lucroy Up; Reed Designated For Assignment; Kottaras Safe!

Brew Crew Daily is pondering The Conundrum in Center .

The Brewers Bar guest columnist Nick Petakas on Rickie Weeks & Leading Off .

A Girl’s View, better late than never, with A Rebuttal: 1 year, 6 months, 3 days later .

It was  a happy home finale for Bucks, beating the Raptors 93-86.

Chad at looks at the OL needs of the Packers in the upcoming NFL Draft .

The Packer Ranter has an idea for a new Packers Pro Shop item, Lambeau Field Lockout Kraut, would go great with some Usinger’s brats I bet.

Before looking, can you guess which Buck made this list of Six NBA Players Whose Careers Should Have Been Better .

Yes, it’s a real live hockey link: 5 Dumbest…Things About The Stanley Cup Playoffs .

I espeically want numbers 2 & 3, 6 Beer Koozies to Add to Your Drinking Arsenal .

Wouldn’t want him to get bored after all, 5 New Jobs for Glenn Beck .

I don’t know if these are as dumb as they are distrubing: 9 Sex Kinks That Are Kind of Dumb .

Anyone missing here from this list of TV’s Most Lovable Idiot Man-Children ?

Too much Kate Upton?  Like there could be such a thing, Kate Upton Is A Beach Bunny .

Winning Away – The Brewers will start a 9-game road stretch tonight starting with the Pirates, then the Nationals and finishing up the Phillies.  One would think that once they are heading into Philadelphia the ‘Crew should have two series wins under their belt and maybe even 5-6  games won.  Now, the Nationals are a better team than last year but still more then beatable and the Pirates are…well, they’re the Pirates. I’m looking for a sweep in Pittsburgh and 2 out of 3 in D.C.  Against the Phillies?  We’ll worry about them next week how abouts.

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