This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women In Sports Movies.

An Amber Heard (Friday Night Lights) sort of morning.

Back to even for the Brewers as Casey McGehee’s HR lifted the Brewers over the Cubs .

Bernie’s Crew has your Bullpen Power Rankings .

No more Little Debbie’s for you,  Brewers Ban Junk Food in Minors .

Good news for fans, as the NFL League, Players Ordered Back To Mediation By Nelson .

Some 2011 Dream Draftees for the Packers from GPN.

In Badger Bits, B5Q looks at how Badger RB Jeff Lewis brings an extra element to backfield .

Brew Hoops let’s us know that Andrew Bogut elbow surgery set for Tuesday .

Cracked Sidewalks with a Top 50 wish list for last roster spot – the other 48 in order after Murray and Henry .

The 9 Greatest (Dumbest) Sports Toys , but all fun.

Really, who wouldn’t be: Mila Kunis Grossed Out by Charlie Sheen .

I don’t see having them get you beer in this list of the Top 10 Hidden Benefits Of Having Children .

For the fans of the last remaining Time Lord, The Official Doctor Who Aging Timeline .

I was just looking for a harmonica… 8 people you’ll find hanging out in a music store .

It’s Natalia Velez in Lingerie .

Nice Way To Get Even – The Brewers are back to .500 now with their win yesterday over the Cubs, which was also a weekend series win as well.  The hero was of course Casey McGehee who came into pinch hit and did so with a 2-run home run which would seal the deal. The Brewers now head out on an 9 game road trip, here’s hoping the winning ways stick once out of Miller Park.

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