This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is the WPT Royal Flush Girls.

A Melanie Iglesias sort of morning.

Let’s not get too excited yet, but things are looking up as the Brewers beat the Braves 4-2 yesterday afternoon.

More on the game from Team Wisconsin saying Marcum Delivers / Carlos Gomez Leads Charge .

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Ignorant and dumb, 11 Wonderfully Misspelled Messages of Anger and Bigotry .

Whoa, Spock directed 3 Men & A Baby? 8 Famous Movies Made by The Last Person You’d Ever Suspect .

Solid list of the Top 10 Movies Ruined By Their Franchise .

Golfers seem to do pretty well for themselves, The 18 Hottest WAGs of the 2011 Masters .

Much Better – Ok, things are looking up here.  Three W’s in a row and the first series win of the season for the Brewers.  One more and the team is back to .500, of course to get that win it’ll have to be against the Cubs, but if it happens so much the better.  Also, make sure to give Anita crap this weekend as she is a Cubs fan, seems only fair.

We’ll have our Fan of the Week up around 1:00 so stop back for that, have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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