This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is the WPT Royal Flush Girls.

A Katrina Topacio sort of morning.

Hey, look at that, Brewers get win #2, beat Braves 5-4 .

Jack is wondering if Tuesday night’s performance was Gallardo’s Best Game?

A Girl’s View on the Miller Park Opener: A fun time had by…some .

Never too early to start planning ahead as the 2013 and 2014 Big Ten Schedules Released .

In case you missed it, Badgers’ Mike Bruesewitz Sheds Fro for a Good Cause .

This would sort of suck, Cullen Jenkins Is The Bears Priority In Free Agency .

Some truth here, Twitter Helping You Grow To Hate All of Your Favorite Athletes .

No explanation needed, If Fox News Existed Throughout History .

Don’t mess with a Slow Loris: 6 Animals You Didn’t Know Were Dangerous .

All of these would have been awesome,  Amy Poehler And 14 Other Commencement Speakers We Wish We’d Had .

How would you have done on any of these 10 Funny Questions And Answers On Jeopardy .

To help determine just how sleepy you are,  Stages Of Sleepiness .

Simply have to post this, 40 New Bikini Photos of Kate Upton Hit the Internet .

Programming Note : I’m travelling for business these next two days so this space of the Daybreak Doppler will be pretty brief.  We’ll still have a Daybreak Doppler tomorrow though as well as our normal Thursday Q & A later today. That’s all for now, see you tomorrow.

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