State of the Bucks – A Weekly Review and Preview of the Milwaukee Bucks’ Previous and Upcoming Weeks

Last Week’s Results :

@ Toronto, Won 104-98

@ Indiana, Lost 89-88

vs. Philadelphia, Won 93-87 (OT)

@ Orlando, Lost 78-72

Forever the optimist, there is still a chance the Milwaukee Bucks make the playoffs. How good are those chances? The team they are chasing, the Indiana Pacers, only needs to win 1 game of its 4 remaining in order to eliminate the Bucks.

So while the Bucks need a bit of a miracle to make the postseason (remember, the Green Bay Packers needed a miracle to make the playoffs and barely got it in the form of a returned touchdown by Philadelphia), excuse me if I shift some extra thought towards the offseason and what this team needs to do for next season.

Player of the Week:

The nod here is going to go to Corey Maggette, who hadn’t played for a while due to the dreaded “coaches’ decision”, but finally made it back to the rotation and actually made a couple of his shots. Yes, unfortunately at this point, sometimes you have to reach a little. It is unknown why coach Scott Skiles does some of the things he does. Benching Maggette for a stretch of games could be for any number of reasons. But sometimes he is simply the most reliable shooter they can put out there.

Highlights of the Week:

Highlight…highlight….what can we find for this? How about the fact that the Bucks have two home games left, and if they win one of them, they’ll be guaranteed an above-.500 record at home? Sitting right now at 20-19, they have to reach the magic number of 21 home wins. You have to at least protect home court, right?

Disappointment of the Week :

I’m going to slide Brandon Jennings’ name in here. As much potential as he still has to develop into a leader on the floor, his shooting is just atrocious. In four games this past week, he shot 37%, and the team probably could have won a few more games this week (or this year) had he chose to assist one of his teammates in a higher-percentage shot. There will be much, much more on this as we discuss next season.


This Week’s Games :

Wednesday April 6th, @ Miami

Friday April 8th, @ Detroit

Saturday April 9th, vs. Cleveland

Monday April 11th, vs. Toronto


Final Thoughts:

5 games left in the 2010-11 campaign. I’ll raise my hand when you want to call out the people who picked the Bucks to win the division at the start of the season. Two things:

1) Who predicted the Chicago Bulls to be THAT dang good?

2) Who predicted the Bucks to not travel with their full lineup until the final week of the season?

As I’ve stated all season long, the injuries have truly been a serious factor. I would blame 70% of the Milwaukee Bucks’ issues this year on injuries, with the remaining 30% going to terrible decision-making. If some of those terrible decisions had been corrected, the Bucks probably only win 6-7 more games, make the playoffs as the #8 seed, and get swept by the Bulls. In my opinion, it is impossible to achieve chemistry within a team when they are constantly juggling players back and forth.

Miracles do happen. The Bucks can win-out, and the Pacers can lose-out, and Milwaukee can make the playoffs this season. If that scenario fails to play out, the least we can do (besides nothing) is hope for the best in the future.



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