This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is the WPT Royal Flush Girls.

A Sunisa-Kim sort of morning.

We’ll have our live blog running this today for the Brewers’ Home Opener so if you’re looking for a place to spend the game, here is the spot.

So with the Brewers off to a bad start, asks Same Old Brewers?  Let’s Get Some Perspective .

Disciples of Uecker let’s us all know that the Brewers Elimination Number Down to 157 .

Brew Town Beat reminds us all that Three Games Does Not Mean The Sky Is Falling .

Brew Hoops with a A Bucks Postmortem Examination .

Aaron with why Rodgers Will Be Chasing Starr For Awhile…

ACME Packing Company on how You Can Never Have Enough Receivers In Green Bay .

It’s not all about pumping up the crowd, 9 Most Hilarious Mascot Pranks .

Do you occasionally place a wager on a game?  If so, here you go: 5 Must-Follows For The Sports Bettor On Twitter .

Yeah, this didn’t seem to go off to week now did it, Charlie Sheen Booed Off Stage at First Live Performance in Detroit .

Testarossa does sound pretty cool, The Top 10 Best Car Names .

Some good advice here, 8 places you don’t want to check-in on Foursquare .

All makes sense now, 11 Answers To the Biggest Mysteries In Songs and Lyrics .

It’s Monika Pietrasinska looking her absolute sexiest , whoever she is.

Can We Get A Do Over? – To say this weekend’s Brewers series was not the start we were expecting would most likely be an understatement.  Getting swept in the opening weekend isn’t what anyone wanted but the Reds are a quality team so while the Brewers should have taken at least one game form them, it’s not the end of the world.  Today is the Brewers Home Opener so here’s hoping the results are different in the friendly confines of Miller Park.

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