Welcome to the Friday Fan of the Week.  This week we get to meet Steve Schumacher from Seymour, WI.  We picked Steve in part because of the story he shared below about his father and thought his answer to the question of what he would do if he had 3 hours with his favorite athlete was pretty good. So congrats to Steve for being our very first Friday Fan of the Week.

Name: Steve Schumacher

Currenty City/Town, State: Seymour, WI

Occupation: Structural Engineer

Twitter Name: @steve99schu

Favorite Wisconsin Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Friday Fan of the Week Steve Schumacher, would leave Aaron Rodgers alone.

Favorite Wisconsin Sports Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

If you had three hours to spend with the above athelete, what would you do?: Leave him alone

Best Wisconsin Sports memory: Super Bowls XXI and XLV, and watching the Seahawk playoff game in ICU with my father and family before he died.

Any special, unique or odd Game Day traditions/supersitions?: My entire life is unique, odd, and traditional when it comes to supersitions. And I don’t step on sidewalk cracks…

When not rooting for your favorite team, you’re most likely to be: Rooting for the teams playing the Vikings or Bears…

Anything else you want to share?: My father, a former anesthesiologist in Green Bay, has some interesting Packer ties. He was the anesthesiologist who put Jerry Kramer ‘under’ when the doctors pulled that 7″ long piece of wood out of his abdomen. He also gave Lynn Dickey a ‘blood patch’ the day after the infamous Monday night game against the Redskins to cure his meningitis.

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